What is it Bitcoin Bank ?

Bitcoin Bank Breaker is a powerful cryptocurrency trading program. It’s the very best commerce analysts working for you. They work hand-in-hand together with the most advanced algorithm. This trading system employs artificial intelligence to exchange.

It only buys as it’s 100 percent sure about the differences in cost. The gains that you earn are credited to your account after you make them. You will find endless opportunities to exchange, and it chooses the best one.

It is an automatic money-making software which utilizes artificial intelligence and state-of-the-art algorithms. It creates all trades by itself. You do not have to become a trading ace for it.

Bitcoin Bank Breaker is free to be used. It earns profits just when the member receives a profit. It gives you lucrative trades for making limitless profits.


Detailed information – Bitcoin Bank
Broker nameBitcoin Bank
Trading PlatformCustom made platform
Official sitewww.Bitcoin Bank.com
Demo AccountFree Demo Account
Mobile TradingYes

How Bitcoin Bank works?

Bitcoin Bank is a robot suitable for beginners, provided with written instructions to help you navigate its platform. You need to go through the video tutorials and PDF guide before clicking on the live trading button.

Otherwise, errors may occur that could compromise your capital. Bitcoin Bank connects to regulated brokers to facilitate order entry.

The robot forwards the signals to these brokers which automatically execute them. He also relies on them to manage deposits and withdrawals. Regulated brokers must adhere to strict regulatory requirements including the separation of deposits.

Brokers must also be part of a deposit protection system to ensure users will receive a refund in the event that the broker stops trading.

Bitcoin Bank partner brokers seem highly reliable and properly regulated. They comply with FCA and ASIC standards and have taken steps to protect user data.

One of the main roles of these brokers is to provide adequate financial leverage. Leverage refers to a loan offered by the broker to help users take on larger positions.

Bitcoin Bank partner brokers offer leverage of up to 5000: 1 and therefore users can trade positions up to 5000 times their invested capital.

How to create an account with Bitcoin Bank?

Follow the steps below to start trading with this robot.


First of all, log in to the official website to create your free account and access its web-trader. The process is simple and takes only a few minutes.


You need to fund your account in order to access the markets. As mentioned earlier, Bitcoin Bank relies on broker regulations to facilitate transactions. To trade, the minimum that these brokers accept is $ 250.


Bitcoin Bank offers a complete training center. The robot works on autopilot, but users need to understand how it works during different market conditions to use it appropriately.

Live trading

Once you practice through the demo account, this should be the easiest step. Bitcoin Bank offers better performance if left running for at least 8 hours a day. This is because it applies the scalping trading approach, which involves capitalizing on small price movements.

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Fake Testimonials That Are Ridiculous

On the website, Bitcoin Bank has testimonials that are all accompanied with flash photographs of people who are by jets or bathing in money.

However, the investigation from TrustPedia shows that these testimonials are not legitimate. The reviewers are, in fact, actors that have been hired. Anyone can spend some money to pose near a jet plane and make it look like it’s theirs. Most scam robots use these types of photos with their testimonials.

Any robot that features testimonials of show-offs is sure to be a scam. We think that you should really pay close attention to what is being said on these platforms before you register with them. In fact, you probably shouldn’t register at all, and you definitely shouldn’t fund the account with your money.

Fake Partner Brokers and Web-Trader

The web-trader on Bitcoin Bank is just a webpage. It looks like a trading platform, but it isn’t real. Our investigation has shown that there isn’t an algorithm behind it, so the results that it does generate are all predetermined.

This means that no live trading ever takes place when you’re on the platform. Like similar scam robots, Bitcoin Bank depends on the scam brokers to get the money from the deposits. We mentioned earlier that none of these brokers are regulated. Because of that, there is no oversight, so you can’t keep them accountable for their actions. Therefore, the deposits that you make to the fake web trader cannot be recovered at all.

It’s essential that you make sure the brokers listed on the auto trading website are regulated by appropriate agencies. The best regulators for crypto or forex traders are the CySec, FCA, ASIC, and FSB. If you find a robot that has regulations in other jurisdictions, it might not be legitimate. Also, if you can’t find any proof as to which robots are used, then you should definitely steer clear of those. For example, Crypto Bull App and Anon System are both scam bots because of their regulatory issues.

No Withdrawal Option and Unsafe Deposit Processes

We have found that Bitcoin Bank doesn’t have any data protection policies in place. For example, it appears to keep your billing details beyond what they are intended for.

Also, you are going to find that the deposit page isn’t encrypted at all. Therefore, hackers could intercept this information on the platform and copy your personal data, such as your bank information.

Like similar scamming bots, Bitcoin Bank doesn’t allow you to withdraw the capital you’ve earned. Once the money is funded, and in the platform’s account, you cannot retrieve it. The scammers from the platform then share those deposits with the scam brokers with which it partners. Meanwhile, you think that you’ve given money to a legitimate web-trader and are going to make live trades with it. Our investigation has revealed that Bitcoin Bank doesn’t respond at all to its withdrawal requests. Likewise, it is probably going to block you from using the platform again if you try to fight to make withdrawals of your money.

Is Bitcoin Bank safe?

On the Bitcoin Bank website we didn’t see any security seal on display, but during the registration process the site seemed to be very safe and clear. With data confirmations and connection.

In addition, Bitcoin Bank observes data privacy regulations, such as GDPR (general data protection regulation). This is a sufficient sign of your commitment to safety.

Does Bitcoin Bank have an app?

Unfortunately there is no specific application for this robot, but it is only available for use in your browser. Operates normally on Androids and IOS. Because it is simple to use, it has fast loading even with limited connection.

Throughout this analysis, we were able to easily access the automated trading platform through web browsers on mobile devices and computers, so we did not identify any difficulties with online accessibility

Is Bitcoin Bank reliable? The verdict!

We concluded that the Bitcoin Bank platform has all the systems and features that lead us to understand that it is worth checking out. But it is a financial negotiation, so it is good to say that it is up to you to make the final decision to invest and the amount to be invested.

If you still don’t have experience as a “trader”, it’s a good chance to research and better understand how the cryptocurrency buying and selling market works.

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Can I profit from Bitcoin Bank?

There are also claims that it is possible to increase such a small investment to a million dollars in less than a year, when at least 70% of the returns are reinvested. With Bitcoin Bank, the opportunities are endless. You are supposed to earn up to 400% in daily profits during favorable market conditions.

How do I withdraw earnings from Bitcoin Bank?

Access to your virtual account can be done at any time and the withdrawal of profits as well. Just select the desired amount and request the transfer. Like most automatic robot companies, you need to pay attention to the time it takes for your money to fall into your account. Bitcoin Bank says that in 24 hours you will have access, but it is worth reinforcing that it is a company from abroad and the arrival time will depend on the regulations of your bank and your card.

How much can I earn by trading with Bitcoin Bank?

With Bitcoin Bank, the opportunities are endless. You can supposedly earn up to 400% in daily profits during favorable market conditions.