Since April 2020, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have returned to the limelight in full force, despite the decline in bitcoin price along with the crashing of traditional markets in the month prior.

As governments and central banks move to saturate the market with freshly-minted currency to combat the coronavirus pandemic, bitcoin investors are readying for a boom.


This chiefly has to do with a repeal on India’s two-year Bitcoin ban in March, allowing trading to explode.

The benefits of which were pushed higher by a country-wide economic decline and a mandatory coronavirus lockdown.

Trading volume rocketed by 800% in the two days following the lift on the country’s ban. This has sparked renewed interest on a global scale.

How does Bitcoin Up work?

Bitcoin Up relies on advanced AI technologies to read and glean insights from bitcoin (BTC) related news. The robot bets on BTC against a number of crypto and fiat currencies. With this robot, users can trade over 15 BTC pairs. Some of these pairs include BTCETH, BTCXRP, BTCBCH, and BTCLTC. The fiat pairs include BTCUSD, BTCGBP, and BTCEUR.

Simply put, trading these pairs involves speculating on how the price of bitcoin will fair against cryptos such as Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash. The fiat pairs include bitcoin against the USD, GBP, and EUR.

Bitcoin Up has a supposed win rate of above 90%. This means that it can make winning bets most of the times. Furthermore, the bot relies on several brokers to provide trading leverage of up to 1:5000. With such a level of leverage, traders can take trading positions that are worth up to 5000 times their capital.

It is through this level of leverage that a small account of $250 can generate the alleged daily profit of up to $3k. High leverage is undoubtedly the gamechanger for robots such as Bitcoin Up, but it can also lead to devastating losses.

Bitcoin Up applies risk management features such as Stop Loss, Take Profit, and Negative Balance Protection to shield users from huge losses. Even so, a significant level of risk remains, and hence you should only invest what you are willing to lose.

Benefits of Bitcoin UP

Bitcoin Up can take some of the mystery out of Bitcoin trading, especially for beginners or those who don’t quite know where to start. By using intelligent AI that scans and reads bitcoin news, you’re always ahead of the markets and trading in the most resourceful way. Let’s break down the overall benefits we found during our  Bitcoin Up review below:

  • Set up is easy and free with provided resources such as an account manager and step-by-step guide to trading on the platform.
  • Intelligent AI does the hard work for you, scanning bitcoin news for insights on markets and valuable trades.
  • Only a $250 deposit is required to get started with live trading.
  • All brokers are regulated and vetted to provide the utmost protection against losses or defaults.
  • The robot is always 0.001% ahead of the markets thus able to boast a 99% or higher win rate.
  • You’ll never be in the dark as to when a Bitcoin boom is about to occur, especially during a volatile market.


How to get the most out of Bitcoin Up

Bitcoin Up reportedly comes with a lot of opportunities for those who are willing to observe the trading rules. Here are several things you can do to hit a home run with the bot.

ü Start small and grow gradually by ploughing back the earnings you generate through the robot. Investing a lot of money at the beginning may cause anxiety hence tempting you to end trading prematurely.

ü As mentioned earlier, you should run Bitcoin Up during periods of high crypto volatility. The best time is GMT-5 since this is when Wall Street is live, and a lot of BTC derivative trading is happening.

ü Never leave the robot running overnight or during the weekend since this is likely to attract rollover fees.

ü Let Bitcoin Up run without interruption for at least 8 hours daily. Checking your account now and then is likely to trigger excitement and hence tempt you to interrupt trading.

ü If possible, get a close friend to register with the robot and work and compare performance to determine conditions that improve profitability.

Bitcoin Up Has Been Accredited

We confirmed that Bitcoin Up is registered. This was not really necessary because we know that the trading platform could have been shut down many months ago if it was fake. But we needed to ensure that we had all the information about Bitcoin Up. It is a good idea to trade with a registered crypto platform because the users have an assurance that the crypto platform will not be abruptly shut down by the government agencies.

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Is Bitcoin Up legit? Cryptovibes findings

Bitcoin Up seems legit, and it may be a good idea to give it a try. You need at least 250 USD to trade with this robot. The bot is license-free, but this may not be the case for long. We suggest that you grab the opportunity by registering with this robot now.

  • Bitcoin Up has a nearly perfect score on TrustPilot and ForexPeaceArmy. This means that most users find it worthwhile
  • Cryptovibes has tested Bitcoin Up trading platforms and confirmed that they rely on the said artificial intelligence technologies
  • Bitcoin Up relies on highly reputable and adequately regulated robot brokers. The majority of these brokers fall under the regulatory mandate of the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).
  • Cryptovibes can confirm that Bitcoin Up trading platform and website is highly secured. Their website has standard level encryption, and they are adherent to data safety measures such as the GDPR.
  • Bitcoin Up can allegedly turn a deposit of 250 USD to more than 1000 USD in less than 24 hours of trading. At least 90% of reviewers on TrustPilot support this claim.

Like any other margin trading robot, Bitcoin Up is not risk-free. It is therefore crucial that you only trade with what you can afford to lose.

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Is Bitcoin Up Legit?

After delving into positive reviews on TrustPilot and other cryptocurrency trading platforms, our Bitcoin Up review process found that the service appears to be legit.

Though the technology has only existed for under a year, the robot has already gained a loyal following of 50,000 users. That number continues to surge as bitcoin currency regains some traction in the markets due to Coronavirus.

Nearly all users report feeling satisfied with the profitability of the Bitcoin Up robot and the overall ease of use.

Still unsure of BitcoinUp? Here are a few reasons why we find the technology to be legit.

  • Unlike similar platforms, Bitcoin Up is powered by authentic artificial intelligence technology that operates on a renowned subset of the field known as machine learning. Machine learning seeks to identify and garner insights from all bitcoin related news it encounters.
  • Nearly all of the robot partner brokers are heavily monitored by the UK FCA and Australia’s ASIC. Reputable and highly regulated robot brokers are the norm with Bitcoin Up.
  • Anyone can utilize the Bitcoin Up platform to their benefit, including those new to the world of bitcoin. Most users of the platform are complete beginners with little to no experience in crypto trading. This means that the platform is straightforward and easy to use.
  • With the addition of blockchain technology there is a truly transparent trading environment being used with Bitcoin Up. Users can easily figure out why a robot has made a decision and what the outcomes of that decision may be.



Is Bitcoin Up a scam?

No! Bitcoin Up seems legit since it has a lot of great reviews from users. Moreover, it works with reputable and trustworthy brokers.

How much should I deposit with Bitcoin Up?

You need 250 USD to start your trading journey with Bitcoin Up. You can deposit more, but we strongly advise starting small and building your account via reinvestments.

Is Bitcoin Up profitable?

Yes! The robot reportedly makes up to 1500 USD daily from the minimum capital deposit of 250 USD.